DIY Beads | Out of Wood (Taylor's Version) - The Eras Tour Bracelet

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DIY Beads | Out of the Woods (Taylor's Version) - The Eras Tour Bracelet

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🌲 Friendship bracelet DIY Beads Out of the Woods (Taylor's Version) Collection for The Eras Tour : Immerse in the emotional odyssey of Taylor Swift's "Out of the Woods" with our DIY beads collection. This kit, inspired by the tumultuous yet hopeful narrative of the song, offers a curated selection of natural wood beads alongside thematic stickers, encapsulating the song's essence of enduring through challenges.

With 10g of beads provided, there's ample to craft 2 to 3 unique bracelets per unit, letting you or a fellow Swiftie relive the lyrical journey of finding one's way amidst chaos. Whether you're a crafting novice or a seasoned creator, this collection is a gateway to intertwining Taylor's heartfelt storytelling with your own artistic expression, fashioning a personal emblem of resilience and hope as portrayed in "Out of the Woods."